Wireframe thickness

sven wrote:
ob es die Möglichkeit gibt, die Linienstärke für Wireframe-Rendering festzulegen? Für Dot-Rendering gibt’s das, glaube ich.

in englis pls:
is there a way to specify the thickness of the wireframe rendering mode. i think there is a way to specify thickness for dot-rendering.

no. there is no way to specify thickness for wireframe rendering.
yes you can set the point size in a vertexbuffer which will be considered in dot-rendering-mode.

but maybe you can think of a pixel-shader that draws you a wireframe? like there is a wire if the normals of two pixels are different…

I did this by splitting the mesh, dereferencing the vertices in the vertex buffer and then using lines to render the whole thing. Not pretty, and I’m sure it’s suboptimal in terms of performance, but it works.
If you wanna try it:

  • Use mesh (split) to split the mesh, and vertex buffer (split) to split the vertex buffer.
  • Update the indices so that they can be used with the vertices. Each index refers to a point in the buffer, represented by XYZ values. So, for each index value, you will need to get 3 values from the vertex buffer - for example, the index ‘2’ gets values number 2, 3 and 4 from the vertex buffer.
  • Now that you have your new indices, you can just use GetSlice to access the vertex coordinate values. Connect that to the Line node and you’re done :)

remember to set the line binsize to 3
here’s my tester:

wireframe.v4p (3.5 kB)