Windows7 MidiYoke and vvvv

I try to send some mididata from GlovePIE to MidiYoke to vvvv.
The speechrecognition in GloviePIE works fine. I checked.
But the mididata is not making it to vvvv.

Could it be a problem with Windows7? On XP it worked fine.
Or is the problem, that I use a 64bit of windows7 and midiYoke is a 32bit version?

I use the Speech-recognition from Kalle. Thanks Kalle, so much, helped me a lot, on windowsXP :)

stoopid but have you checked the midi routing inside midiyoke and selected the right midi input port inside vvvv?
MidiYoke works for me under 7…

Routing inside midi yoke is in fact if you use midi-ox.
midi yoke is a stand alone virtual port that lets midi port accessible.
as desaxis is suggesting verify you ar on the right port, and remember that in vvvv CH 1 is 0, CH 2 is 1, etc… same thing for pitch.
certain user have had troubles by plaing too much with midi nodes, and set bin size to 0, stoping definitively the node to receive anything. my suggestion would be to recreate a midi node first.

maybe MIDIyoke isn’t installed correctly?
i had to install it like described here.

anyway @dEp did a plugin for Speechrecognition so you don’t need MIDIyoke anymore…
if i remember right it is included in the addonpack.