Windows server instead of "normal" windows

i have noticed that windows server is a far superior operating system in handling errors, driver issues, freezes, BSODs and mostly everything.
no need to change the power saving options. as by default its doesn’t sleep. its made to run 24/7 (just like some vvvv installations might require)

I’ve been running smaller installations and scripts at home or school on several different machines and windows versions over the last couple of years. and i noticed if you need something running 24/7 USE WINDOWS SERVER !

i guess windows server is quite expensive. but for bigger jobs it might be worth the discussion to get a license.
[as a student i get windows licenses of all possible versions for free for non commercial use, thats why i was able to test them over the years]

is it just wishful thinking? have any of you made similar experiences ? or have opinions on this topic?

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