Windows performance of two VVVV Application

Dear VVVVler,

I have two VVVV Application which runs separately on two CPU Cores with “/allowmultiple” arg.
Everthing is fine, but I only have the performance that I need in the foreground application.
I played arround with the MainLoop. Locked everything down to 30FPS. And also tryed shutup mode…

Do anybody knows how to give full performance on both application.

thx in advance!!


in such a scenario setting both “Maximum Foreground FPS” and “Maximum Background FPS” of the MainLoop node in both instances to the same value should give both instances always the same priority.

vielen dank joreg. I could solve the performance issue…!
anyway here a little bit more information: I have one VVVV application which generates a 4K Texture on a GeForce with millions of translations (instance noodles) and the other application which receives this texture via spout DX11. There, this Texture is distributed to 16 Displays via AMD Eyefinity.
Ergo the system runs only smooth when both application have the same FPS. The AMD Application works with max 35FPS.

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