Windows management

Hi all, what i need is to switch a renderer visibility, cos i’m using it only on command, i found that it can be managed with Windows module, and that way i can set alpha =0 or =1.

Just ask if is that the right way to manage windows visibility to avoid leak of performance.

Ok i answered myself, at least i think, using ShowWindow is possible to handle hide/show, minimize and so on, better then play with alpha :)

Not sure what do you mean but hiding a renderer can be achieve with alt+3.

i needed to do it in patching, from a bang , so i’m using ShowWindows methods for it.

you can do this with SetPatch (VVVV) .

see the techniques used here:

here’s a quick example, use F10 to show hide renderers.
like kalle said using SetPatch (VVVV) .

ShowHideRenderer (XML).v4p (8.6 kB)

Oki thanks to all, so using ShowWindows works to high level handling window windows, with popup, and so setPatch, u actually rewite xml describing patch, changing its properties at base and not reading it from top flow window…i like that :)

And popup is handy :)