Windows 8 compatibility with multi screen and fullscreen renderer

i am having problems going fullscreen with two renderers in windows 8
on a multi monitor setup. i am experiencing this on two different
systems (laptop and a stationary one).
Running two monitors and making an ex9 renderer fullscreen
on each, leads to wild flickering between them.
On quitting vvvv windows comes up with its
compatibility dialogue worrying whether v4 is running correctly.
Compatibility mode with XP or Win7 does not help, it makes v4 behave
even more strange from this point on (ignoring the dialogue btw, leads
to exactly the same): Starting v4 again and trying to go fullscreen
makes just the renderer window frame disappear leaving it exactly the same
size like it was windowed and the content gets somehow funny squeezed
to a corner. That behaviour stays after reboot and with single screen :(
Renaming the v4 directory and running crack.exe again rapairs that,
until i try to go FS with two monitors again.

win8 pro
i7, gt650m

win 8
i5, gtx660

Windows and gpu drivers are up to date on both.

Is there anyone else with win 8 facing the same?
Is there anything i could try to fix that?
tty renderer does not comment that. running 45beta28.1

this sounds strange, but we have no win8 machine here, so we cannot provide win8 support for now. its better to stick with win7 until we update our development machines, unless win8 has something you need in particular.

however, you might contact brozzmical, he posted something similar in the shoutbox.

On my machine I had that same issue when I plugged in a second monitor. Mine would jump to fullscreen, then jump back into a window with no borders with the image as a tiny portion of a black frame. I think I solved it when I ran it at these settings.
Run as Admin Mode.
Turn off any compatibility mode stuff.

@tonfilm: sure thats waht i am going to do, win7 ;)

@brozzmical: do you run win8 too? if so, can you confirm the two renderers fullscreen thing? the second problem here is, that even when there are no compatibility options set (or set and unset), FS is broken afterwards forever. Strange thing. To me it seems that windows remembers that and tries to run v4 somehow different anyway, but there is no switch to turn that off (beside the way i wrote in the first post) :( very confusing

45beta28 behaves also the same, btw.

I had this problem with windows 8 demo tested last week in a full windows or full screen enabled worked 100% … fligth simulator X the same problem …

confirm. no luck with multiple fullscreen-renderers on different devices using w8.

who needs fullscreen when you can maximize the renderer and remove borders with ctrl+8 ;)
i haven’t used fullscreen since 2009 :D

for some effects/plugins (DX) performances can be better in fullscreen mode?!

I completely stay away from Windows 8 especially if using vvvv is important to you, not to mention many other comments about how unnatural it is compared to Win7… (Win 8 is it like Vista, half-baked?)

it looks like milo had some possible solution here:


unfortunately this has nothing to do with the multi screen/renderer issue.

@microdee - also keen to know if there are performance differences between fullscreen and windowed. I thought consumer cards were optimised for fullscreen work?