Windows 8 and Collada not good friends

Hi all I have discovered that Collada does not behave the same on windows 7 and 8.

the scaling of the mesh is completely off as well as animation being weird

see attached patch and try and open them in both win7 and win8

I have only had the option of testing in 64bit versions of windows. Since I dual boot, I have run the exact same 32bit vvvv.exe for both tests.

Sune (121.5 kB)

cannot confirm.
your example runs runs fine on my win8 machine with uniform scale set to 1 (looks like your win7 example).
win8 64bit
vvvv 29.2 32bit

that’s weird… anyone have any idea as to what could be the difference

sorry to reply so late (in the process of reviewing old issues): i can’t confirm this either in windows 8.1 64bit, vvvv x86. same output as posted by motzi.