Windows 7 and Enttec DMX USB Pro


I am having some problems with VVVV and an Enttec usb pro.
We have made a patch that works great on vvvv beta19 on windows xp. (i say we, this is all the hard work of Andy Coates)
In short it receiver DMX using the enttec usb pro and spends out loads of artnet on the ethernet ports.

The patch seems to open fine in the newer vvvv and on widows 7.

and we can manually send out artnet, all is good.

The problem comes with the dmx input, it works fine and then you get a spike on loads of dmx values sending them to there max value.

we are using the sub patch made by west for the enttec usb pro.

and if you watch the dmx values in this patch you can see them jumping up to full.

The DMX is good, there are other lights on it and they are working fine.

it seems like windows 7 is doing something funny with the usb ports, we have disabled everything we can in windows 7 which has made it alot more stable but its still not reliable.

Anyone had problems with usb ports in windows 7??

Any help would be great.



hey waldo,

i used the enttec dmx usb pro several times on windows 7 without any issues (but for dmx output only).
maybe reinstalling the drivers from (i think you need the D2XX drivers) helps…