Window layout is not saved?

I’m not getting it: For some reason the window layout of my patches do not save anymore as I would expect. No matter if I use Save All or Save Changed… it just jumps back to an older version as soon as I restart the patch … however, only concerning the layout of the windows… the actual node positions and data save successfully.
Is this a new feature?

I think it’s a result of this feature request:

It’s really annoying. Hiding patches also doesn’t work. You always have to change something else in the parent-patch (like moving an io-box back and forth) and then save.

Hm, I see… dirty flag … …some like it a bit dirty, right?
What’s the roadmap for this? Will it stay like it is?

Alt-S now should behave as before. see also: "Save all" also saves root patch

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