Window ctrl+8 alike

Is it somehow possible to set a renderer-window frameless (ctrl+8) and save it, so it would be load and run frameless? I never could figure out how.

sory no, that is just not implemented yet…

you could use WindowLists (Windows) , HWND (Windows) , WindowLists (Windows) to set focus to your renderer and send the keystroke using Keyboard (System Global)

Thanks a lot kalle, thats very deep into your “trickkiste”.

For the record - a ctrl+8 subpatch.

FramelessRenderer (Windows).v4p (8.0 kB)

Okay, works fine but not in /shutup mode…
I need /shutup to hide my patch-gui-box-window and just want to show the renderer window.
Does someone got an idea how to solve this issue? (Without taking window.node - which makes strange effects, so I would like to avoid this one).