Win 10 likes midi controllers

I’m happy to report that installing Windows 10 on my Lenovo Ideapad has solved all the problems I’ve had with vvvv and my MIDI controllers, including Maschine MK II (which always crashed vvvv immediately) and Novation Launch Control (which worked only sporadically thus unfit for live use). Now if only there was a way to unplug and replug them without having to restart the patch. Still I’m very happy about this and having my light up spaceship controllers instead of clicking on a mousepad

Yes, the unplug/plug part really bugs me too, but… solution… run 2 instances of vvvv, 1 solely for the MIDI controller, and let it communicate via something like the Netsend / Netreceive nodes.

That way you only need to restart the MIDI patch.

Other solutions will require Duct Tape or a Glue gun.

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oooh Westbam I like that— I’ve just learned about running multiple instances for Kinect issues; I’ll definitely give it a try.

found that todomap in an instance in win7 mode and sending data with sharedmemory node works better

Reader/Writer (Raw SharedMemory) cool :) Didnt know that!