Will the 3ds Max problems be solved?

Hi there

I just installed vvvv after buying the book “Prototyping Interfaces”. As it didn’t work as it should, I found the post with the 3ds Max-issue. As the post are already several years old: is there a chance that this problem will be solved? Re-installing the whole OS is not really a solution. I would really love to work with vvvv, that is why I’m asking this question.

hei joghurt,
haven’t heard of specific problems with 3dsmax in the last years. also there’ve been quite some changes that made it plausible that those would be gone.

so can you specify your problem more detailed? does crack.exe show a green light next to AddFlow and what does then happen on startin up vvvv exactly?

i’ve been using vvvv along with 3ds max for years and am still puzzled how the legend about incompatibilities between the two came up. there are absolutely no negative sideeffects afaik.

i’ve never witnessed any issues

Running 3ds max design 2009 64 bit and vvvv no probs here.

Hi Joghurt,

The problem is not using 3ds max but the 3d format that you export from 3ds max to use in vvvv. It doesn’t matter what 3d package you use, but what format you are exporting to using your 3d package. So which 3d file format do you export from 3ds max? I recommend using COLLADA (DAE), it seems to have the best results and allows for even complex dynamics animations to be exported into vvvv. (depends for what though). I have a done a long and in-depth video tutorial on preparing models and exporting to collada, and how to control those models in real-time in vvvv. Although this video tutorial is based on CINEMA 4D Package I would still reocmmend you to watch it, or some of it at least so you understand hopw to prepare and import your collada models, and like I said also how to manipulate them in real-time, patch explained too. Please have a look at this video, it might help:


Any other question you might have regarding 3d models import in vvvv, I am happy to help if I can, and I’m sure @m4d can help too…

Peace dude

I use kW Xport from 3ds max to vvvv to get .x files out.


saves UV coords for mapping and material names too for textures.

I personally would recommend using collada files (.DAE) instead of X FILES, as X files are more limited (no animation etc) and X Files is kind of a legacy format, more simple but a lot more limited basically, so use COLLADA, I would say…

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