Wiimote on macbook pro


it seems to be impossible to use the wiimote using my macbook pro (few years old). I’m trying beta25.1 and beta26.

The wiimote node always gives me ‘wiimote error’ when enabled, without further explanation.

Since I struggled a bit with keeping the wiimote connected, I installed Smoothboard 2, which comes with an application called SmooothConnect, which finds and connects wiimotes for you.

Smoothboard seems to work fine, so I don’t see why the wiimote node doesn’t work.

After searching the internet, I found a lot of information regarding bluetooth stacks etc. but since Smoothboard works, I would rather like to keep things the way they are, as it seems to work.

What other options could I try to use the wiimote, instead of the wiimote node?

did you manually make a working bluetooth connection with the windows stack or with blue soleil? this is necessary, the node cannot autoconnect.

When I seem to have a connection (Wizard add a bluetooth device tells me ‘already connected’), enabling the wiimote node even crashes vvvv (‘If you where in the middle of something, this information might be lost’).

When I look at the ‘show bluetooth devices’, I see it listed, but it is only reported as connected when I open Details->tab Services.
When I use smoothconnect it is constantly being listed as connected, but then enabling the node fails with ‘wiimote error’.

Also, when it says connected (I closed - really exited - smoothconnect, and show bluetooth devices would say it was still connected), and I enable the node, it says ‘wiimote error’ as before, but vvvv crashed when the connection was lost because I removed the batteries. So there seems to be a connection, but something else is wrong…

I have had it working on another hp laptop, with the builtin adapter…

i assume you use the native windows 7 stack then. try removing the device completely and reconnect it afresh. after that enable the wiimote node.

if that doesn’t work try to get a different adapter like you said.

It’s Windows XP…

then try bluesoleil