Wierd Fx problem poss Win7 issue

So I’ve got a patch with desaxismundi’s bubble shader in, if I use the .fx in the fiolder I unzipped its fine, if I save it to a new location and save the patch, on reopening the shader is broken, ie missing pins, not valid etc.
copy and paste the shader in windows, same thing, open the original, everythings fine.
I’m presuming this is a win7 issue, can’t test it on any other pc’s at the moment, can anyone confirm this for me?
Attached is a folder with copy and pasted shader in 2 locations and a patch that loads both, on my machine they’re both broken…

Also had some hangs in win7 that I can;'t recover from, you can open task manager but windows is frozen, have to restart to recover from it. Is this a known issue?



bug.zip (6.7 kB)

ai cat,

the bubble.fx is referencing a “vnoise-table.fxh” file which is missing. it is supposed to be in the same directory for the effect being able to compile.

concerning freezes on win7…i’ve noticed such too. will have to dive into that…

Thanks Joreg!
Stupid cat…

you also can log off. it is a little bit faster…

doesn’t seem to be win7 related. i’ve had similar issues in windows xp 64 since beta23. whole ui is inaccessible, if i open the taskmanager it also freezes instantly. logging off is the quickest remedy, but that is still rather annoying. (unsaved documents anyone?)
could never pinpoint it to any particular action though…

maybe it’s 64bit related?
i had that also with beta21 and the Win7 Release Candidate.
currently the most annoying phenomenon using vvvv

especially if you show patches to a possible client and then you have to “shoot down” your windows.
that does not generate trust.

maybe it is. since i’ve used it on xp & win7 x64 only i can’t say if this happens in x86 environments too, but annoying/embarrasing (in front of clients) it surely is!

i’ve noticed it on XP but it does seem to happen more on windows 7. However 9/10 times I can still kill the process even though taskmanager appears to be locked up.

Win7: Ctrl+Shift+Esc brings up taskmanager, then press v then press ALT+E,then enter.

WinXP: same but task manager is Ctrl+alt+del

Sometime you have to get up taskmanager and press ALT+tab to get focus to it.

Very odd and seems no pattern whatsoever. But yeah playing around trying to get the locked taskmanager to close it is possible most of the time.

happens here always in conjunction with plugins and/or freeframe dll’s.

concerning the freezes i am not sure if you are talking about the same ones that i experience during debugging…

for me i found it has to do with the globalhooks.dll in \bin which makes Mouse (System Global) and Keyboard (System Global) work. if i simply remove the .dll, my freezes are gone (rendering globals mouse and keyboard nodes useless though).

that is no solution of course but it would be interesting to hear if it also is the cause of the freezes you encounter. anybody wanna give this a try?

mmm I don’t think the patches have global keys or mouse, I’ll have to wait till it happens again and let you know…
My freeze means that while you can bring up task manager and focus it, you can’t actually use it as the keyboard and mouse don’t function, except cntl alt delete, so it does, sound like the keys and mouse might have something to do with it!

Also, I don’t know if anyones else has experienced this, I put it down to bootcamp, but I’ve seen it on a desktop now too, while vvvv is running, I can’t double click to open a folder/file in the windows finder (?) window, I have to browse by folder and click on them in the left pane or right click open, and this again could maybe be related I guess?

if it is the same problem as mine your patches wouldn’t even have to have global keys or mouse…

attached is a GlobalHooks.dll that solves the problem for me. i still get 5 second freezes when hitting a breakpoint during debugging but those are another story.

would be interesting to hear from the brave who wanna give it a shot, if:

  • under normal conditions the Mouse (System Global) still behaves as expected
  • probably the total system freezes are gone after ~5 seconds

GlobalHooks.zip (207.4 kB)

trying it right now since about an hour ago.
so far so good… :)

I am experiencing the same problems and would like to use GlobalHooks.dll but where to place it?

i think it’s in vvvv’s bin folder

about the freezes they seem to have gone for me since i disabled the aero theme of 7 but it’s maybe a false impression.