Why is the nodebowser not working

most recent build. i’m trying to start to mess with vvvv gamma and it started with this callmenames patch, but the nodebrowser doesnt start on doubleclick, while not being show were i am here, i clicked the arrow and sort of end up here…

were the node browser works.

then close middleclick all the windows, going back to the first state of vvvv gamma, try rightclick recompile, nodebrowser works.

kinda confusing

i can’t really follow what you did and how you end up with the light theme. can you describe a bit more?
what windows version do you use?
did you install vvvv gamma into the default location or somewhere else?
did you change anything in the settings.xml?
how does your user\documents\vvvv\gamma-preview folder look like?
is there an args.txt?

most recent vvvv installation, no changes to directory
just settings to light theme as bjoern said in the other thread


is there an args.txt in the Sketches folder with ‘–show-intro-patch’ inside?

yes, but it is empty

ah, you clicked the button in the intro patch, right? then all is fine, i’d say.

i’ve never heard that the node browser doesn’t show up. are you sure that there was an existing tab when you experienced that?

as seen above, a open tab, with underline, double click and nothing

can’t reproduce… works fine here. can you describe the steps to get this behavior?

start gamma
middle click the open patch
select dropdown via little arrow next to big arrow
select application there
nodebrowser doesnt work on double click

reproducable everytime i try

can reproduce, thanks!

fixed in preview 222, update here: https://vvvv.org/blog/vvvv-gamma-2019.1-preview

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