Why is the instance output of the Channel node not a proper instance pin?

it feels a bit extra to introduce a pad for a process node:


But it seems to be setup as a state pin… Could it be a bug in 5.3-380?

I think it’s related to the “operations” that can only be executed in one process. I can see in the first screenshot that the pins are arguing about when to execute.

Yes, but normally the State output pin is like a Pad, it can be connected to multiple operations.

Channel node output seems to be not a State Output.
More likely it’s an output from operations
Maybe there is a limitation to using This in this case, as I remember it’s not possible to use This with classes that implement intefraces.

I realize it can be confusing, but there are some questionable things in our beloved VVVV. Thank God they are tens of times less than in Beta.

I highly recommend turning on “Browsable Packages”. In most cases, it will help a lot to get a first idea of what the problem is.

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