Why is closing the top most patch possible

When closing my top patch via ALT+3 and the root is not shown, than vvvv gets something like a zombie. Its there, but impossible to get a patch window back. Only way is right-click in windows taskbar on vvvv-symbol and close it. A restart in other words. – I have to do this approx. 3 times a day - quite annoying…

what works for me in those situations is just selecting vvvv in the taskbar (leftclick) and then pressing Alt+R to call up the rootpatch.

Just wanted to write:
Does not work here (win7 64bit).
But just found out:
It works! Move the mouse over the vvvv icon in the taskbar, wait for the thumbnail to appear, than click that. This way vvvv gets focus again and ALT+R works.

But anyway - my entry on the wishlist: disable this behaviour.

Thanks and all the best,

Alt + R shows the root patch…

nevermind, had an old tab with the forums open…

what I really really like about vvvv it’s all “watch your own steps”. i dislike when program designers disable stuff just for user-friendliness. someone might like to use just that feature that freaks out 80% of the users :)

imagine a project were you would like to completely hide vvvv’s interface, truly making it unreachable, for whatever reason.