Why i have two instance of one vvvv

i even have no idea how is that possible and how to fix it

please advise me

ok, when i run vvvv.exe it automatically runs my current patch… with this 2 instance issue.
if i’m trying to run patch file (mypatch.v4p) it force error (with no codes, but suggest send report to microsoft).
i’m on xp

hi without knowing exacly what happens, maybe have a look in the root and see if you saved by accident the root with the patch you are using , this will open your patch twice.
About having 2 same modules or plugs you may have them in the modules for example and in your patch folder.

i have no idea what it was, but solved with re-installing

ok, re-installed fixed because i’m occasionally copied addonpack lib to ordinary lib folder. so i have 2 addonpack at the same time.
i know - my fault!
but anyway
could vvvv may be more intelligent in understanding this in future?

maybe inside crack.exe, there could be a confirmation that addonpack is in place

actually i got more of this shit like plugins from addonpack are red time to time