Why does RS232 comms stop when v4 is not in the foreground?

I have a project controlling some motors via RS232 and Ardunino which works fine as long as the v4 window is active. When I switch to another window or desktop the RS232 comms stop with the rest of the patch continuing to work.
Has anyone else experienced this and is it expected behavior?
I need to be able to coordinate comms and external application triggers.
Thanks in advance. :)

Update: I worked around this issue using AutoHotKey to trigger keystrokes in background application so vvvv can stay in foreground.
Would still be interested to know why this behavior occurs, any theories??

Hello @m0nki,

I’ve just tested the thing using the Arduno (Devices StandardFirmata 2.x) module.
The communication is stable whether vvvv is active or not.
This module has the RS232 (Devices) node inside.

Would you please describe precisely what is your setup and provide a patch.

p.s. At first I’ve made a test using the current Alpha’s ArduinoUno (Devices) module, the result was the same - communication was stable.


@m0nki i have the same problem like this, can you tell me how this autohotkey trick work?

@artifak I used Autokey to create an executable file (.exe) of the keystrokes I needed and then called the .exe from vvvv using ShellExecute when I wanted it to trigger the keystrokes. Works really well.

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