Why do my patches sometimes temp versions?


I noticed a couple of times that I’ve been working on a patch, saving it a few times during patching, then close it, then open it and it is some old version of the patch. I then look in the directory and notice that every time I have saved the patch it has been saving it but with the the patch file name + ‘_temp’ and a incremental number added to it.

Why does it sometimes do this please?

happend to me too…wazz wrong

search vvvvorums for the “can’t save”-bug.

it’s kind of workaround since i think beta 20

thank kalle. I though it was some feature turned on/off by a keyboard shortcut I didn’t / couldn’t find out about. Didn’t think it was a bug as such. As you say, appears to be the result of a workaround.

a few days ago i switched from xp to win7 on a new machine. copied my project folder to win7 and started to work. when i tried to save patches everything looked fine in vvvv but it did not save my patches in the old folder coming from xp. it was not possible to overwrite my patches. instead vvvv created temp files (win7 listed them as kompatibilitaetsdateien). solution: created new project folders, copied all patches into it and worked from there. seems it had something to do with different, incompatible internal folder structures between xp and win7. exists something like that? cheers,a

even if probably not resolved it should occur less often for beta>23