Why do Frames and Regions behave differently

when it comes to placing nodes inside and moving them (and the contained nodes)?

Frames can be “grabbed” everywhere and moved but the nodes inside are only moved accordingly when the color picker area is used. It took me quite a while to figure this out since I thought that part gets highlighted on click because of the color picker. Nodes are “put inside” a frame just by placing them above it.
Regions on the other hand can only be moved by clicking on the region name (If / Where etc.). Nodes are put inside a region by ctrl+dragging them into it and are always moved when the region is moved.
Why not?:

  • Have one mechanic to place nodes inside regions/frames (ctrl+drag).
  • One place/icon to grab and drag a frame/region (and the nodes).
  • Change the cursor to hand when hovering that icon.

Also regions have the so called auto compacting feature (I complained about somewhere else) and frames do not.

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Thank you bjoern!

We are aware that there are situations where frames are hard to handle and this will need some more love.

I wonder however if we could improve the UX already quite a bit if there would be some more feedback on hover (like the hand icon that you suggested). Maybe that would already make frames much easier to work with.

The big question is if we actually should make frames behave exactly like regions! And here I am not really sure. Here is a made up corner case:

It highlights a certain part of my code that is fishy, but looks good. So maybe I just want to comment that so that I don’t forget.

Currently, I can do this with one frame that doesn’t care about the hierarchical “code blocks” / regions. It just highlights a rectangular part in my code. We’d lose the ability to do this if we think of frames as something hierarchical. For me it’s not really part of the “code”, but more of an overlay.

Point taken.

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