Which packages does vvvv need when running setup.exe


since im not able to run setup.exe (even with admin rights) i ask for the list of packages i need to install manually?
can someone point me to this list?

thank you

btw: i think the problem with running setup.exe is, windows telling me “herausgeber: UNBEKANNT”
maybe sth with certificates i dont know, sorry.


check out the Dependencies section at the bottom of this page : https://vvvv.org/downloads

@hrovac, ja, must be a security setting. is this on a company pc where they restricted your rights? do you have a windows-admin around you could ask what this is? i’m sure it can be disabled (if you have the rights to do so).

@sebescudie thank you, i was to lazy to scroll…

My admin doesnt know this special secret setting. she is still investigating.
is it somehow possible to prepare a setup.exe with a proper certificate?
because vvvv’s setup.exe is the only setup which my admin is not able to run properly.

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