Which graphic card should I buy?

Hello dear VVVV users.

I’m actually using VVVV on a desktop computer DELL XPS 420 with a Nvidia Geforce 8600GTS.

I would like to buy a new graphic card but I don’t know what to choose.
I don’t want to buy a 680GTX (I don’t think it really make sense to put this in my old XPS and I don’t have the money)

What do you think of a CLUB 3D GEFORCE GT 630 - 2 GO ?

Does my 30FPs patches will run at 60Fps with that card?

first open a perfmeter and check wheter GPU is the bottleneck. if the Perfmeter tells you CPU, the patches will not run faster.

so check your graphics card slot and see what cards fit for a reasonable price and check your patches if they really lack GPU power.

GTX 4XX or 5XX series good compromise for your Dell

670gtx is the sweetspot of price/performance in nv land. also way less powerconsumption than 4xx series so your psu could probably cope with it.

4gb 670… no text …

why is that people compare video ram on graphics cards? stream processors are much more descriptive

Thank you Tonfilm for the tip, the perfmeter is displaying GPU. Then I should buy a new graphic card. I’ve tried on a Laptop with a 560m GTX and it runs at 60Fps.

@Microdee good question, maybe it’s because the amount of ram look more sexy on a Box than the other specs.

i’m not sure if i can use gaming benchmarks, otherwise it would be nice to have expert clarification for affecting following specs on vvvv 3d scene performance
1.pixel shaders
2.shader speed
3.core speed
4.memory speed
5.memory bus

@mircodee… why not compare GPU ram. Card memory is a major factor in performance when it comes to lots of lots of render passes. Something I often do with vvvv. eps multiprojector setups with 6 outputs on 2 x 3H2Gos. 4gb card way better than 2gb card and very little price difference.


i think today (dx9) every card on the market supports all pixel- and vertexshaders that are possible with vvvv/dx9.

and the rest: faster is better : )

faster is better : )
ja claro…
just as e.g. is there any difference for rendering in v4 using:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M - Pixel Shaders:384 Shader Speed:1240
AMD Radeon HD 6990M - Pixel Shaders:1120 Shader Speed:715