Where to Start (or: what is your background)?

As someone coming from a non-tech background, I’m finding myself constantly frustrated by my ignorance. A lot of this is beginner’s stuff I have to learn, like all of the fundamentals of motion graphics and cameras. But it seems like there’s a chasm between tutorials and larger projects, in any language or software. You get a few particles swirling, then you need API’s to write in code from different languages, and different software/frameworks to interact. Meanwhile, I couldn’t figure out how to properly compile OpenFrameworks project generator from Github and I’m still unclear on how VVVV communicates with all of the folders in its structure.

I’d love to hear from people here. Do you have recommendations? If not, I’d still really like to hear your educational background and how you came to use VVVV.

I’m not opposed to learning on my own including using online University courses (I completed one on C programming), or any tutorials floating around (I did Microsoft’s official C# intro videos). Should I be diving into software engineering? Go learn Processing?

I’d highly recommend to define yourself a goal and compare different approaches.
One can make similar stuff using different software/framework/language and such and such!
I guess the right question is: which approach, to what goal is the most efficient one.
vvvv might look simple and easy, but be aware that it is not a place where one can have fun with.

  • Yet to define what means fun :D
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concerning the folders you can refer to https://vvvv.org/documentation/installation
and https://vvvv.org/documentation/using-addons#other-packs

in terms of educational background of the vvvv community, my guess is that few vvvv pro’s are trained software engineers. some are designer and artists, some have a technical and/or scientific background.

for example, my education doesn’t really have anything to do with what i do in vvvv now.

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just to make sure you’ve seen this: https://vvvv.org/documentation/getting-started

and then i can only recommend to ask specific questions about specific problems you’re facing. explain what you want to achieve and what you’ve tried so far and where exactly you’re facinge problems and usually there’s someone who can get you going…

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I’ve been trying to explore other coding and software (TouchDesigner, Processing), as well as people’s takes on what is best for a given project. VVVV can be fun… in the same way solving any frustrating coding issue can be…

@u7angel - Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a closer look at those links.

@joreg - The VVVV community has been excellent. I’ve gotten a lot of great information and even full projects. I find the problem is that I’m so far out of my depth I don’t even know what I should be asking. To your and @baxtan’s point on goal setting, it would be to work with Kinect (or any depth camera) for CAVE and “volumetric” style experiences. This includes, but isn’t limited to, stuff like Joanie Lemercier and Kimchi and Chips. I got great advice and patches here.

But I couldn’t understand, for example, how to replace the targets with a basic particle spray, which felt both basic and advanced. And once I need to do more advanced work on manipulating the view or even calibration, I don’t really understand what’s happening (linear algebra, matrices, etc.). On a more general level, it also feels like a problem of wanting to ask the right questions without burning out goodwill.

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