Where to start for 3D projections

Well vvvv certain is a MULTI-purpose toolkit…emphasis on MULTI. It appears to do so many things, I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’m a very experienced After Effects and Maya user…but scripting is not something I’m so familiar with. I wanna conquer it though. I’m just hoping someone can point me in the right direction first. Because my primary interest in VVVV is using it to manipulate a video projection onto 3D surfaces. Which of the “multi-purposes” then should I be concentrating on learning? VVVV seems to do so much, and I’d rather start by concentrating on the area that I’m most interested in before tackling everything else it can do. I’m following the tutorials online, which are very clear, but again seem to cover many, many purposes. Any advice?


helo sean, this could be a start how to project on 3d geometry