Where to put a .DDS shader file

Sure it is explained here somewhere, but, I downloaded a Shader (volumetric shader by Sanch), and now I wanne know where to put it!!

I realy want to know how to make it run in VVVV.

What file do I put where etc… thnx already!!


extract the .zip where you want, then double click the .v4p file, thats all !

leave all files together in one folder, the paths in the patch are relative.

good luck ,)

LMAO, I forgot to extract, how silly is that!!

Running the file from within de .ZIP files just doesn’t work!!

Thnx and BIG shames from my side…

by the way. the .dds file isnt the shader but a texture file format from microsoft. in this case its volumetric which just means that it consits of multiple images.

the shader file itself ends with .fx and can also be placed in the effects library of vvvv.
placed there it apears in the nodelist as a new module…