Where to buy cheap LED displays

(if the prices permit it) I d need to buy a few squared meters of LED panels. The prices locally are way too high, has anybody bought material directly from producers? Any advice, suggestion or direct link?

This is the kind of stuff I am looking for, relatively thin, and not too bright as it is for a small indoor use.

U’ll find the cheapest panels in China :)
Which pixelpitch do you want? Or are you really talking about LED Displays like OLED Displays ?

ooops I forgot the link before:


so yes LED displays (no OLED), pitch as small as possible but I need to contain the price, looking at 7.62 right now.

Do you know if the cabinet is really necessary or can we mount our own mounting frame for the panels?


Keep in mind that cheap might not always be end up being the cheapest option so depending on the project maybe you might be better off with something more expensive or at least make sure to go with something someone else has had positive experience with.

I believe @I_am_from_Chile worked on a project where they went with cheap LED-display panels from china but it ended up costing a lot because they had to replace them all the time. Maybe see if you can get in touch with him and see if he has any advice.

you might be able to buy used ones, even in bulk. there are plenty of companies who only lease them or replace them after some years.

we got ten 17" eizos for 8 euros each directly from a company a friend works at, but i guess even dell and other wholesalers might have massive left overs and lease returns.