Where is the interface ?!

Hello World !
My first post here so be nice :)
This may be really dumb question but where is the interface window ??
I just upgraded vvvv to Beta18 and i can no longer find the
interface window … I see in the task bar that it is running
but there is no window … i created new page but nothin . i can only see the inspector but it is shown only a few pixels above the task bar … I guess the window is there but somewhere off screen !? I downgraded to Beta 17 but nothing changes …
What can i do ?
Please help me i want to learn …

helo synth,

so you want to make us believe you hat beta17 working without problems at first, then did nothing but try beta18 which doesn’t show up patches and now when trying with beta17 again it won’t work either?

admit that in the meantime you have installed 3d studio max, right? hmm…?

Hello joreg ,

Yes i installed 3d studio max and it was working until i upgraded to Beta18 !? There is no way to know that the upgrade will actually make the program to stop working !

So can anyone help me please ?
Thanks in advance

just out of interest, can you please be specific in which exact order you installed beta17, beta18 and 3d studio max?

still i am afraid, from the very few people who encountered this problem i am not aware of anyone who was able to fix it without reinstalling the OS. i think only uninstalling 3d studio max didn’t do the trick and i have no idea how to fix the issue.

So the order of installation was Windows XP Pro --> SP2 beta17 --> 3ds Max --> beta18
The problem is that beta17 was working after the installation of 3ds Max and stopped after upgrade to beta18 … Also I have the latest DirectX, .NET, VC, Java libraries …
I removed 3ds Max but still the problem persist …

From what i see i have to reinstall Windows and choose 3ds Max or
vvvv …

Too bad because i really want to learn vvvv but i need 3ds Max for my job …


while extremely strange it seems then that it could work like this:

  • install OS
  • put vvvv40_betaXX in a dir called \vvvv only (so that vvvv.exe is directly in this dir!)
  • start vvvv.exe
  • install 3d studio max
  • whenever you update vvvv just delete everything from \vvvv and put the new files in there. and don’t change the location of \vvvv on your disk.

the idea behind this:
vvvv and 3d-studio both use a thirdparty component called AddFlow. they use different versions and both ship and register their own versions, so this should really not be a deal, but still there seems to be a strange conflict. since you said beta17 worked even after installing 3ds the problem may only come as soon as after installing 3ds vvvv registers its AddFlow3.ocx again.

now vvvv registers this component everytime it notes (on startup) that the currently registered filepath to the component is not the same path to the currently starting instance of vvvv. so as long as you keep any new version of vvvv.exe in the same old directory it would see no need to register the component again.

its ugly, but if you ever happen to reinstall your OS and could try this…we’d be glad to hear of your results…

perhaps adding a little hint at Downloads would be useful.

i have added a faq on this topic here

maybe you also should link this FAQ also at Downloads