Where do I post and official job post?

I tried posting it in the blog section, although I’ve seen job post there in the past. My post hasn’t been approved… so I am asking where should I post it and get a lot of views.

thank you

hei sebapes,

your posting got approved and can be found here: 1461
you put it in the “stuff” section. i’d recommend putting it in the “news” section where others have put such announcements before. you can still change that be editing your post.

also consider adding an image, if applicable…

thank you joreg

also you can than always take the url of that blog post and tweet it adding #vvvv

and don’t forget to add your business here: businesses

There is also a vvvv-group on LinkedIn.

there is now a dedicated category for job offers in the forum: https://discourse.vvvv.org/c/jobs

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