I am trying to get whatsapp content into vvvv. For the images it is pretty easy as they get automatically downloaded to a folder but the text is a bit tricky.
Android stores the text in an encrypted DB, i haven t checked yet whether the strings are automatically stored upon receive or they are saved only when the conversation is closed.
There are a few possibilities laying around:

Androd SDK to launch apps in a PC

http://bluestacks.com/ same as SDK but way easier to setup

https://github.com/venomous0x/WhatsAPI promising but at a very early stage

http://javazkript.blogspot.com.es/ this application do work and nicely but has not text storage support, doh!

Any idea ?

what do you want to achieve? utilizing whatsapp might be more complicated than serving your own html web app with image + text upload capabilites through HTTP (Network Server): or creating a simple mobile client.

as mentioned in the OP I am trying to get whatsapp content into vvvv


Have you found any solutions for this? It would be a great way for visitors to communicate and “contribute” to vvvv installations. The fun one could have with: microsoftspeech :)

4 days ago i was doing just that, whatsapp + microsoftspeech, worked great with almost instant read messages.
Then as we were expecting Whatsapp changed to a new API with a stronger encryption and login with oauth. That f***d up everything.
I ll probaly be able to post a Whatsapp reader soon, within a few days.
Hold on…

Sounds great :) Cant wait to play around with it!

Vvvvhatsap is here look in contributions…