What Lee filters for building custom 3d glasses (-> Anaglyph Effect)?


I was wondering if anyone used Lee filters to build 3d Anaglyphic glasses to be used with the VVVV anaglyph effect.

If yes, which numbers would you recommend to use with the Red/Cyan technique?

Also Magenta/Green would maybe do.

I tried with some random filters I found around but none was really satisfying.

Thank you very much.


hi xini, best is to take a Lee filter sampler at the shop you are buying gels.
Numbers are ok, but in the sampler you will have waves lengths drawn. This will help to choose something very near the wave length of anaglyphic glasses
Normally samplers are given, not solded.
There is 2 edition of samplers, numeric and artistic. Prefer to have an artistic one, where gels are sorted by color ( more easy)



116 for cyan is a good choice but a littlebit green, and 106 is primary red.

Thanks, I will see if I can get a sample pack.

Everything works fine with 106 and 116. Some ghosts appear, but that’s quite fine.

nice to read it !