What laptop works for Resolume -> VVVV

I am getting mad here, tried many expensive and cheap laptops, and different brands.

The thing is that the laptops these days seem to use the Onboard GFX card as a bridge between the seperate GFX card and The monitor, shared memory doesn’t seem to work that way.

I am looking for a labtop where I can turn off the onboard i5 or i7 GFX card.

Any one here is using a laptop that works for the Resolume/VVVV solution?
Can some one suggest a brand/type? directx-freeframegl-bridge

If I get this to work, I might even get a license ;)

hey check out http://www.mysn.de

they have real good custom manufractured notebooks in barebone cases.
you need to find the ones without nvidia optimus and then you have to ask if it is realy without it :)

but there you might be lucky getting a good price/performance solution.


i tested a few asus with nvidia 630m,640m and they rock!
i dont remember the exact model, but my advice, buy anything with i5, 4/8gb of ram, full hd monitor, vga out AND hdmi out, and add a ssd for the operative system. thats all you need :)

Clevos with SandyBridge don t do Optimus (though it s there)

Asus ROG series is ok.

Annoying nVidia Optimus, the whole internet is full off complaints, but no real solutions.

I was aiming for a (first) laptop for around (less!!) 1000 euros, Vjc4, can you tell me the exact type of ASUS you used with the vvvv -> Resolume solution working?

I’m using this one http://rog.asus.com/notebook/15-inch/g55vw/ . If you don’t need advanced GPU, you can buy any ASUS with NVidia 650m, it should be ok.