What laptop do you use ? shoud i get a Macbook pro 2011?

Windows 7 (and therefore vvvv) is running perfectly fine on the Mac. The biggest annoyance is that you always need a three button mouse attached to interact flawlessly.
I’d even dare to presume that the MacBook is the most popular piece of hardware where vvvv is run. (In the classes I teach the share is always around 70-80%)

My 2 cents from the opposite of the anything-but-Apple scope.

i just called Badaboom, they gave me this link

there i have all the drivers that i need to run windows seven 64b, but i don’t want to spend 2000uss ( here 1 peso its 4,11 uss, so its like you guys spend 8000uss on a computer ) that you are not 100% that it will work, and i have no way to send it back and no support at all.

Im verry concern about the chipset drivers ( usb 2.0 for kinect ) and video drivers to use dualhead in nvidia through dvi or hdmi …

but the price its, for 1883uss i can get the best notebook ever with ssd, on alienware i need to spend a litle bit more that 2000uss and i dont have ssd…

macbook pro works 100% ? thats another option due to support and international waranty… but still its even more that 2000uss

i had problems with kinect and my macbook pro, jitter, stutter…while the same software/driver worked without flaws on my desktop pc.

the adapters for displayport are crap, kalle is right

macbook pro plus matrox dualhead is also a story full of misunderstandings…it sort of works though

apart from that, its a pretty reliable machine.

keep in mind, these problems can happen with other laptops too. the macbook isnt any special in terms of hardware, chipsets etc.

i’d probably go for a pure windows machine with DVI out, nvidia card, metal body if possible, hi res screen.

I ve finally orderered a Mountain with the same specs as described here (i7 2720, gtx560, ssd, 8Gb). Mountain is the same as System76 (same Clevo cases) but they are a spanish company.
Prices seem to be better than System76.
(I live in a VAT free area, need a proxy?)
Check it out in


i am very happy with my dell 15z
it’s got a value you’d pay about twice as much if it just had an apple on its metal casing.

either a dell or this
a macbook clone with flowers :) and better connectivity

to be honest, i could’nt live with an ugly chunky plastic thing and i don’t understand why pc laptops still look like they were made in the eighties.
hp and apple make an exception here. dell xps look ok too.

@io i need to have the machine on miami and then it will be sent to Argentina ( in a non “legal” way… customs declaration its like 70% over the real price of the product, and this is only if you are lucky enough to have the machine here and its not stolen in the airport )

So Montain its the same as system76 ? same case ? same motherboard and same chipset ?

I really hate HP, i worked for them for a few years and i saw too many things that … well this is too much offtopic…

May main concern its bout possible issues on system76. i cant find any review online of sombody runing win7 64.

and this is my second option

io i would like to heard from you what to do :P

my friend got a Mountain yesterday, the 17 inches (gtx 560m) it is the same as the System76 Bonobo (mine is going to be a “Serval” 15 inches), Win7 64bit running with no problems.
basically they are these ones: