What kind of midi controller?

What do you think about these 2 controllers :

  • Evolution UC-33e



or others but not too expensive…

Is it well functionning with vvvv ?


both will be ok. ampop and sanch work with the uc-33, ask them for details. i just know the bcr2000 and it works very good. in one or two weeks there will be a kind of video mixer that is designed especially for the bcr2000 by a friend and me, maybe thats interesting for you: TFSCtool

I’m using UC-33 and everything works fine…
had no problems in vvvv


uc-33 works fine.
but vvvvery nice would be this one: http://www.mawzer.com/news.php
expensive, but ot very in comparison to it’s features

Ok thanks.