What is this?

Hi, I am a C# developer currently using SlimDX for DirectX programming. I followed a white rabbit to this site and am curious what it is exactly? I’ve poked around here a bit but it’s not conclusive what I’m looking at?

Can someone shed some light on what vvvv is or how I could use it to do something kewl?



what it is:

something kewl:

where to start:

especially for you as c# dev:

Have a look at download)-then-if-you-like-downloads) vvvv and have a look at ((installation-vvvv-and-have-a-look-at-((installation) page. when everything’s ok doubleclick on start_with_demo.bat.

Then go on with tutorials.

You’ll find a way to exploit your knowledge in coding, to create great realtime graphics, to use a number of different protocols…

or even that: vvvv exposed


what it is?

shoo-in for scientific