What Gfx card?

I’m building a new system, and so I’m looking for a gfx card, are ati’s still no go?
I have to say everytime I’ve had issues, its been ati related, but that is not necessarily an upto date thing!
So any thoughts or reccomendations or is it a nvidia 285?

the new ati drivers dont support matrox epansion modules
dont know why…
but i like them for these reaons:
-much faster texture conversion/reading when using filetexture
-8kx8k max texture resolution
-no idea why but much better pixelshader performance at big resolutions
-playing videos gives you colors you expect: black is black, not gray like on nvidia

that is a bit strange, on the compatibility list on the matrox site mention that you can use their products, I filed a question on the matrox support form asing about this…

in their compatibility list for the triplehead2go digital edition it says in the note: “This graphics hardware can support two TripleHead2Go Digital Edition products, as long as your graphics hardware has two available dual-link DVI outputs.”

on the ati website for the HD5970 it says:

“To enable a third display you require one panel with a DisplayPort connector or an active DisplayPort adapter”
"ATI Eyefinity technology works with games that support non-standard aspect ratios which is required for panning across three displays "

in this case I would think of vvvv as a game supporting non stadard aspect ratios.

so from all this info I would believe that the matrox expasion modules would work with ATI eyefinity, but I would like to get this confirmed before making a project depend on it. So please eleborate on this.


I’ve always used nVidia so I can’t compare to ATI, but I can say I’ve never had any GFX card related issues. I’m running 285s and happy with them.

i dont know about hd5x series
but ive had this driver problem on more machines with hd2900 cards and th2go analog edition
th2go digital has a different driver…

Concerning NVidias upcoming 400 series: Link.