What does -Patch does not evaluate!- mean?

Hi there, I got a simple question.

What does this notice floating on top of a patch “Patch does not evaluate!” mean?
Those nodes in the patch with this notice seem to be not working.

What should I do to make this work?? or at least get rid of that notice?

Thanks in advance.

hi @mjr22, if you click the canvas of the offending patch and press ctrl+2 and you will save an image of the patch. could you upload it here so we can understand your problem?

It might be that the patch is disabled. If you go to its parent patch by pressing ctrl+§ (the top-left key next to the number one key). you will be able to see your patch as a node. select it and bring up the inspektor (Ctrl+i) and see if the ‘Evaluate’ button is light or dark.

You have to look in parent patch if this patch is evaluated (last pin on usually hidden so you can see it in inspektor)

see also: https://vvvv.org/documentation/subpatches#controlling-evaluation

@guest @antokhio @joreg thanks for all the thoughtful replies, you guys helped me understand the concept. Thank you X-D

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