What are The Texture modules in The Addonpack?


In the addonpack for Beta 26, there is this folder: TextureFX. All the patches that are in there look like modules, part of a bigger patch, I have not yet figured out what to do with them.

Seems some on has done a great job in creating/sharing some shaders, but for now it all remains a super secret mystery for me.



@unc done this great job

seems devvvs forgot to put .Test patches
lets play a quest game:

  1. please read addons45beta2601
  2. follow forum link https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/7187
  3. find latest @unc post
  4. download his last version of the pack and use .Test patches form it.

not sure if absolute/relative paths are correct, but it should works or at least show you how to use this great image pack.

I stopped reading that thread when it reached 20 posts, and I am not educated enough to understand that shader magic.

But the thing is still: I am missing the main patch that combines all these patches together (or something).

edit: too slow.

edit2: thnx bo27, seems like I am up for a quest, hope there is a price at the end!! :)

ok… you simply miss one of the greatest party!

just follow sites/default/files/user-files/TextureFX_10_0.zip and use only .Test*.v4p patches from archive (probably you’ll need to fix links)

Those missing .Test*.v4p files where the key. Freaking awesome package!! Sure I will have some fun with these. Nice work to all involved. :)