What API / Webservice you are using to display temperature in vvvv projects?

hello my friends,

I Need to Display the temperature of different Locations.
what the title says, can you please Point me to some Services/nodes/plugins?

Sorry, i probably missed a contribution or obvious node, but knowing all of them is becoming more difficult with the time.

thank you,

hei alex,

so you’re looking for a service like https://thingspeak.com that hosts public sensor data?

here e.g. are all channels that are tagged “temperature”:

here is the documentation for how to access channels using REST or MQTT:

for a test i followed this documentation to read data via HTTP GET:

basically you feed the HTTPGet (Network String) node with an url like this:
and you get a response you can parse with the XElement nodes…


thank you !!

thingspeak Looks nice and is working like you said, very good.

openweathermap Looks more professional, will check later.


That is the the mostest coolest usefullest thing that I need right now. How I didn’t just put open before weather in my searches, is simply beyond me.

Ubidots its another one that’s works fine

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