What am i doing wrong

hi all

im trying to display a grid of images rom a folder.

but i cannot get the images to line up.

can someone please take a look.

also how would i go about displaying the file name below each image?


imagegrid.v4p (7.0 kB)

cross(2D) is what you need

ok, i now have then in a grid, nut how do i add the file mage below each image.

i have tried but failed, see attached

imagegrid.v4p (14.7 kB)

check ur GDI renderer. what do u see ? probably just one filename. if u spread the textGDI then all the filenames get rendered at the same position. you also need to spread the y postition(which u have hidden).

once u’ve done that, you also need to spread corresponding quad (which you did) but also the texture transform to grab the right bit of the GDIrenderer. to calculate the right y-spreading and texture transform spreading u need to know the amount of filenames in the first place.

this could be a good excercise to get familiar with spreading. an easier way might be using the text module made by woei and elektromeier or wait until the next release. it looks like there is some cool text rendering coming.