Westbam Video Tutorial 7: Enumeration --> Font --> Error

Hi there

I finally started with vvvv today and I’m already stuck. Westbam’s video tutorial 7 is about selecting fonts in the text box using an enumeration node (from minute 2:07). I think I had done everything the same by then and I have the following error:


If this has changed: how can I now do the procedure described in the video?

welcome joghurt!

confirmed, this is a bug. i guess it hardly ever surfaces, because nowadays there is a faster way to create IOBoxes (and it doesn’t have that problem): simply start a link from an input pin and then middleclick to create the corresponding IOBox!

also, if you’re only starting with vvvv now, you may want to considert learning the all-new vvvv gamma right away, which you’d download here and start with these tutorials.

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