Wekinator OSC bug

I have an issue with my OSC connection between Wekinator and vvvv gamma 5.2.
The OSCin is blinking yellow and red.
I can’t “start recording” as I’m receiving an error message saying “Status: Mismatch in input length: Expected 5, received 0”. When I change the output number label in Wekinator, vvvv gamma updates the label number correctly. Can someone help me to find the problem?Thanks Best regards


The error message about mismatch input length means you’re not sending the number of values Wekinator expects.

Apparently, you set it up to receive 5 values, but are not sending any. In that case, it won’t record since it does not have anything to record. The number of expected values can be setup here :

Now from your screenshot, a bunch of things :

  • If I remember correctly, the value you’re changing (stroked in green in Wekinator) is not a value count but rather the index of the class you’re aiming to train
  • You’re doing the emotion classification example : maybe the recognizer is not detecting anything, which is why you’re sending 0 values
  • When you setup your Wekinator project, make sure you set the exact number of values that will be sent, otherwise Wekinator will raise this length mismatch error
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Thank you, It works very well with change the number 5 by 136.

best regards

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