Weird trautner problem

it looks like a weird bug of the trautner plugin, when i try to change the ‘mask image’ by simply sending a different string (filename) it does what it’s supposed to do. but when i try to switch the string via MIDI it does everything, just trautner doesn’t load the new file. it is definetely getting the new filename because it changes when i move the mouse over the ‘mask image’ input pin.

to sum up…it works when i switch the filename by hand but not via MIDI (only when i move the mouse over some related pin )

any suggestions??? cheers

…in addition, it seems this has nothing to do with midi, an internal switch driven by an lfo creates the same problem. it sends the right filename but the bloody trautner just keeps the last filename…only mousemovement over pins lets trautner realize what to do…

this is a major problem for me cos the machine should run autonomically without user interaction on the screen… :(

um. try connecting an iobox (string) to the same pin that connects to the trautners filename pin.

there is a string iobox connected to the trautner inlet and this box shows the correct filename but trautner doesn’t take it from time to time…depending on mouseposition or movement over pins. as i said before this problem only appears if the string iobox is changed automatically or via midi command…it works instantly when i switch mask images ‘by hand…’

shall i upload a demo_patch? maybe it’s my machine or i have a bad karma.

m. sory then it seems to be a bug and i don’t know a workaround…
i put it on the list.

alright…bad luck on my side

…can u give a hint how long we have to wait til the next release ;)

let me put it this way:
don’t expect this particular problem fixed in a release before the end of october.

i just tried to reproduce that behavior without luck.
using a switch string and to hand trautner 2 different images. switching with an lfo. did fine.

can you post a patch that shows the problem?

probably no point to post the patch because i did it the same way…lfo controlled and midi
my is guess is that i experience some hardware/driver problem somehow…my videoconverter (imagingsource dfg1394) seems to cause some problems, lately i used a live videoinput processed by one freeframe plugin as a texture…everytime i switched to fullscreen the videoinput did freeze…after waiting a few minutes, sometimes seconds the input recovered without userinteraction…this is just another weird problem in context with the videoconverter…

i’m going to check trautner again on a different hardware setting…btw. my graphics card is a ati_x800…any known problems??

about the freeze when switching to fullscreen: you have the waitforframe pin set to something?

no known issues with the x800. you are using latest drivers?

make sure you test with beta9 and the latest trautner from (it was forgotten in the current release)

which freeframe plug did you use? we also have an imagingsource 1394 cam here. so i will try with it and the same plug.


think i got it. trautner really didn’t update filenames correctly. get the fixed Trautner.dll from here (it is in the .rar)

or wait for the next beta, where i fixed an other thing concerning the same problem. but for now it should do it with the new .dll

Hi Joreg,
Can I use this with version 9?


yes… no text …

he joreg…

great u found it…i didn’t have the time to check different setups so i’m happy it’s the code and u fixed it.