Weird reference documents behavior

Hi, I’m having some weird include issues. I started separating Schéma into more documents to make it a bit more managable.
But now when I open the document (App) that has all the necessary references it doesn’t seem to compile everything properly.
Funny enough, when I first open the Core document or a document that references only the Core and open the App document after, everything works fine.

This is the document structure in a nutshell:


When I open the App document compilation doesn’t start and the document doesn’t open, no error messages.
When I open it again it shows up but still nothing runs.
When I restart the runtime some compilation starts (orange bar) although pretty short and afterwards I get this error:


So obviously it didn’t compile everything, it’s a type that’s in the Core.

I tried making an include file that goes between the App and the rest and forwards the references but no difference. ATM no references are being forwarded.

Any ideas?

Gamma 899 fixes it. Thanks @elias!

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