Weird display bugs

Using 22.5.0-0415

Screenshot 2022-12-14 203104

Another glitch with the grid on top of a link, although I am asking myself if I am the one who has a problem here… but anyways, might be related?

You aren’t

Renamed the topic, so it can be a collection for all weird display bugs I encounter.

I just noticed that yellow sockets dissapear when a node is moved using the arrow keys. Here is a patch that demonstrates this.

YellowSocketBug.vl (10.2 KB)

To reproduce:

  • Select one node or multiple nodes
  • Move them 1px in any direction using the arrow keys
  • The sockets underneath the KeyPressed nodes dissapear
  • Use the mouse to set a new value for the text size
  • After releasing the mouse, the sockets appear again

You can also do cool stuff with Regions :

Screenshot 2022-12-19 202204


Probably related to the yellow socket bug like described above?

Yellow sockets still being funky. This time I also noticed they sometimes completely disappear after changing a value in an IOBox, and re-appear when exiting the IOBox.


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