Websocket server to vvvv


how do i connect to a websocket server ?
can i create a web socket client in vvvv?

is it with ZEROMQ?

thank you ,

hei alex,

to our embarrassment we don’t have a WebSocket (Network Client) shipping with vvvv yet. so i quickly prepared this one:

websocket-demo.zip (11.3 KB)

it is rather primitive and only allows you to send and receive strings. could be enough for what you need or not. please let us know.

(zeromq and websocket are not related)


wow joreg, so fast!

yas! it is working like i was wishing it would.
hapy alex.
thank you.

i dunno, sth like this should probably not be hidden in a lonely forum thread?


indeed. included in latest alphas!

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