Websocket Client node ? ( Connecting to blockchain )


I’m working on a small project involving bitcoin (to da moon;) transactions so i can connect to bitcoin blockchain via websocket and visualize the data in real time.

Is there a node websocket node that can do it? the whole process is quite straing foward ,
the url for websocket server is

and it just needs the {“subscribe”:“transactions”} message

works on echo test server


but i have no idea how to do it in vvvv

i managed to run it in TouchDesigner but it has websocket node build in.

in vvvv i ended up with connecting to blocks via http


but this is not in real time … well it works but i’m still thinking about this websocket pure realtime data flow :)

have you tried with this? websocket-(network-server)

hi Joreg, yes i saw this but can’t seem to run those dll files as i drag then to the patch they don’t convert to nodes… i also saw Client.cs file provided by microdee but i dont know how to run those scripts in vvvv

there is a websocket client implementation in vobjects, there are some girlpower patches too: vobjects

works like a charm just modify echo.websocket.org example