Webcams with good default settings?

Argh, I have logitech quickcam ultra vision and every time I start a patch connected to it via videoin the default settings are terrible. Automatic gain control is disabled, the contrast is very low. I have to go into the properties to adjust it every time. Exposing the pins doesn’t seem to help, especially for auto gain.

Does anyone know of any webcams that have good auto settings that you don’t need to set every time? In this case automatic gain control should default to true. or are there any webcams that actually remember their settings or take them from some sort of configuration file?

i have same problem with logitech quickcam pro , never knew how to solve this problem sorry , just telling , you are not alone with this ;D

hi ! same problems, passing thruth dv cam is really better… and far more stable in signal quality.

I think that problem isn’t solveable - have a look here

hmm, interesting info m9dfukc. I’m definitely not attached to the logitech, I have to buy more cameras anyway so I’m not necessarily looking for a fix to the logitech camera, but just any comparable (say, sub $100? I need ~6 of them) camera would be fine as long as I can configure it’s default settings.

I also can recommend the PHILIPS Webcam SPC 900NC. I’m using that one too - also for infrared tracking with a self build daylight blocking filter.

It remembers its settings? I’m actually looking for one that will basically do what you would expect a webcam to do- automatically work in most lighting situations (auto gain control, etc).