Webcam doesn't work anymore


my problem:
I’ve got this old logitech webcam that used to work with windoze 2000 – but since I’m using XP now, all I get in vvvv is error messages, although the cam works with the logitech software etc.

I did the VideoIn tutorial and the error message reads something like this:
access violation
cannot create device, try different parameters.

I’m not sure what’s wrong so I thought one of you might be able to give me a hint.
so, thanks a lot in advance.


does it work with other applications?

yes, at least with the software that comes with the driver.

can’t help here. @joreg??

for sure he refers to the tut to find here.

basically there is not much you can do wrong with an usb cam.
if it does not work as expected it is a driver issue. try to find a better driver (or a newer cam). or go back to w2k.

you may help us by sending your webcam and help us fixing it, but i somehow think it would not be a high priority issue.

btw: what cam is it?

access violation …
cannot create device, try different parameters.

an errormessage like this looks like your setup for some reason cannot even create a direct3d device.

when you create a renderer (ex9) is it black? or gray? (gray is doom). what graphiccard are you using? latest drivers for graphiccard?

it’s a Logitech QuickCam® Express.

the renderer is gray.

I got the latest webcam, directx and grahpiccard (radeon x1050) drivers.

probably I’ll simply get myself a new webcam, since this one is crappy as hell anyway.

HI freder , i have a logitech that does the same , in my opinion better change it , i manage to make it work but after a while it was going grey again and so on , to make it work for a while go to mypc
when the camera it,s connected find the little icon , dont remember exacly , but playing with some staff there will make it work ,also play with video format and analog video standar in videoin node

i know 3 people that had problems with this webcam ,and this webcam was expensive for me btw .

renderer is grey.
if you start vvvv “fresh” and just create a Renderer (EX9) :
is it also grey?

still grey.

okay … I’m beginning to realize that this isn’t really a webcam issue.

I just ran dxdiag and the direct3d tests – which actually failed because 640x480 fullscreen mode doesn’t seem to work.
and indeed, 800x600 is the lowest resolution I can set in the display properties.

but how is all that related to each other?!

“An error occured while setting your display to 640x480 mode with 16-bit color (high color). Your computer may not support this mode. This is not necessarily a problem, though some programs may not work without support for this mode.”

as mentioned above: if vvvv cannot create a direct3d device the renderer (ex9) is gray. without a direct3d device no camera will work with vvvv.

so what you have to sort out is why your machine has problems with direct3d.

check this: rightclick desktop>properties>settings>advanced>troubleshooting. make sure the hardwareacceleration slider is set to maximum there. if not, do so and try vvvv again.

aaaah, crap!
installing different graphic drivers did it.
(although I’ve been using the latest ati drivers – aber “da steckt man nicht drin” ;)

anyway: thanks a lot to all of you.

i think it even wasn’t the driver:
vvvv definetely needs 32bit-color.

nope kalle, why do you think vvvv needs 32bit? maybe videotexture or pipet won’t work with 16bit on some graphiccards/drivers. but in general i’d say it should work.