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I was wondering if there is a possibility to create webapps using Gamma?
I discovered Blazor WebAssembly.
It looks it’s compatible with SkiaSharp.

Did somebody tried that?

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short answer: not out of the box today.

longer answer: we had briefly evaluated this before and don’t see any major show stoppers yet. upcoming vvvv 2022.5 will using .NET 6, which is also what Blazor WebAssembly needs. so there is actually a slight chance that any sufficiently skilled person out there could get a POC to work already today. from our side we’ll not focus on this just yet. NET 7 will come with additional improvements in this area, so we’ll probably upgrade to it before we investigate this further. unless anyone has a commercial project with this requirement, then please get in touch.


Thank you,

I was searching about that after seeing Dear ImGui running in the browser, super fast and responsive:

Glad to know that it will be possible theoretically with Gamma, it brings a lot of potential

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